Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

The 3 Step Plan

Have you caught yourself daydreaming about your dreams while helping someone else achieve theirs? At the same time, putting your dreams on the back burner instead of turning them into reality. These burning aspirations are often left as entertainment when we are bored, then dreams we should put into action. Sometimes ignored due to fear of success or dependency on a W-2, but mostly because we don’t know where or how to connect the unorganized scenes from our scattered dreams. 

Below are 3 ways to help you more effectively turn your dreams into reality, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Start By Making A Plan

Usually, when someone has a plan in their head, it can be a bit cloudy and possibly hard to explain in detail. Therefore, you should start with a step by step written plan of what you want to accomplish. This will give you a better view of where to start. Also, it will help you to create goals that can be down sized into more manageable steps. Don’t think that just because you write a plan that it must happen exactly that way either. Be flexible once you start to work your plan. You can review and adjust your plan as needed. 

Stop Overthinking Everything

One of the reasons you may find yourself unable to turn your dreams into reality is probably because you are overthinking everything. The world is waiting for what’s in your head. Unchain your dreams. The above step of planning should stop the overthinking once you see it on paper (or the computer screen). But if it doesn’t, other mental relaxation techniques like meditation, taking a deep breath, and sharing your dream with others can get you out your head. Remember, you aren’t perfect, fear of failure is not an option, and the world is waiting for you to succeed, so there is no reason to agonize over your plan being perfect. 

Eliminate the Dream Killers

If you’ve done the two above steps, but still can’t seem to turn your dream into reality, it’s time to figure out why. Are you scared of failure? Too distracted? Can’t get out of your head? Waiting for the perfect time? Answering yes to any one of these can hold you back from your dream becoming reality. If you leave them unchecked, you will never be able to take meaningful action. So, once you uncover what obstacles stand in the way, list them, crush them, and eliminate them one by one. This powerful, but easy actionable step will help you get started. By eliminating the dream killers, you can start to act on your plan. 

Turning your dreams into reality is often easier said than done, especially if you aren’t sure where to start and are overthinking everything. The trick is, you need to eliminate what is stopping you, bypass the voices in your head, and start executing your written plan—and before you know it, your Dream will be your Reality!


“Believe in your VERB. It’s your SuperPower!”