5 healthy habits to jumpstart your morning

Morning habits and routines take commitment and practice. Some are even unconventional, almost making it impossible to have a productive day. However, there are some hard to get use to simple habits that may actually be healthy, such as a glass of lemon water to prevent painful kidney stones. There are on average a minimum of over 50 activities that can be added to our morning routine. It can be exhausting just to think about it. And it’s impossible (YES…I said IMPOSSIBLE) to do everything, so we must be selective about our daily activities that jumpstart our morning.

Keep reading. Here are 5 simplified activities I’ve added to my morning routine.

  1. No More Snooze

The snooze button on your alarm or phone may seem like your best friend, but it’s really your frenemy. Snoozing was like the best thing ever until I read this article that research has shown it confuses your body and brain. Your body starts preparing for waking up hours before your alarm goes off, releasing chemicals you need to be alert. Hitting the snooze interrupts your normal sleep cycle. It causes you to feel groggy the rest of the day because your body’s hormone levels are thrown off. When that alarm goes off, Get Up and Get Your Verb on! 

  1. Stop for Breakfast

Glorified Busy American, raise your hand. The busy lifestyle has morphed into the glorification of eating meals on the go. Drinking a protein shake while driving to the work. Skipping or eating lunch on the Go. Scarfing down sugar filled granola bars while taking the kids to karate class. And when we eat like this our brains don’t fully register that we had food and can cause us to overeat later in the day. It starts at breakfast then become just one more meal we cut out of our day while rushing to the next thing.  STOP! And just take just fifteen minutes to eat (nope, put your phone down) and enjoy your breakfast. No matter what it is, it will help balance your day and as a bonus prevent a slow metabolism.

  1. A Lot Less Talk and a Lot More Action

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to connect with others in the morning, but you should do your best to limit social gathering in the morning. Instead, schedule those first few hours to focus on tasks that need the most time and attention. Your post-lunch self will love you for it when that natural dip in energy and alertness hits.

  1. Write it Down 

Instead of using your morning to construct a mile-long list of things to do, use that time to write down your thoughts and feelings. If a to-do item pop into your head, write it on a sticky note and move back to focusing on your thoughts. A lengthy to-do list first thing in the morning is more overwhelming than the relaxing practice of emptying your mind of clutter.

  1. Ignore Everyone Else‘s Habits

Feel free to ignore all four of the previous morning habits (and maybe even this one). While the habits listed here are backed by science and research, it doesn’t mean you have to do them. Starting your morning means finding the habits and practices that are best suited for you. Morning routines are not a one-size-fit-all (i.e. coffee gives me jitters and yet it was a must-have for my sister). You do you!

Be it unusual, non-conforming or standard, trying out different morning routines is a great way to find balance and a jumpstart to your day that’s best fits you.


Sometimes the most productive thing to do is just Relax.

–Mark Black