What’s Your Superpower?

Ready to tap into your superpowers? DISCover your unique DISC Personality Type and Communication Style with SHE Is A Verb! Our program is all about unleashing your potential with effective communication principles and practices that will help you thrive as a leader. As a Maxwell DISC consultant, I’m thrilled to offer you the ultimate tool for personal and professional growth. Let’s unleash your inner superhero and conquer your world together!

The Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator is renowned as the universal language of behavior. It’s a simple assessment tool that provides profound insight into human behavior by identifying the strength of four personality traits: ❤️ Dominant 💛Influencing 💚Steady, and 💙Compliant.

You can now take the same personality style assessment used by businesses, schools, and governments worldwide use. DISCovering your personality style will empower you to enhance communication, strengthen relationships, implement predictive hiring processes, boost employee retention, build productive teams and motivate yourself and others. 

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Maxwell DISC Method

The Maxwell DISC Method has been designed around the leadership philosophies of the world’s #1 leadership expert, John Maxwell. A leading DISC assessment provides an in-depth analysis of behavior coupled with an action plan built from the best practice leadership principles of Maxwell.


“SHE Is A Verb’s goal is to empower women by helping them DISCover their individual strengths so they can confidently embrace their true SUPER POWER!”

-LaDonna Yates, Founder & Creative Director

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