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Official SHE Tee

SHE Travels 4Less – $20
SHE Cup $15
We Love Jazz Festivals Tee – $20

SHE Favorite for Kids Grades K-5

Gifted & Lit Education Blended with Hip Hop Music Starting at $39
SHE IS A VERB Tee – $20
#VERB Tee $20

Inspire Tee

Benevolent Tee
I Am SHE: Valued, Educated, Resilient, and Benevolent
Shout SHE Is A V.E.R.B.
Empowerment DISCovery Courses
Re-write $20

You Got Style

The Counselor $20
The Assessor $20
The Peacemaker Tee – $20

What’s Your Verb?


The Baker’s Dozen $20

Inspiring Personal Growth