SHE Is A VERB is a powerful reminder of the crucial role that taking action plays in obtaining success, cultivating robust mental and physical health, and building unshakable confidence. This message encourages individuals to boldly embrace the #VERB mentality in every area of their lives, from professional to personal domain, and to challenge their limits, showcase theirs strengths, and skyrocket their personal value.

In my role as Creative Director, I recognize the potential to share the valuable insights I was gaining from experts in areas such as personal development, health and wellness, and even financial matters by utilizing social media platforms and blogging. As a certified Maxwell DISC Consultant, I strive to assist individuals in attaining a comprehensive knowledge of their personal communication style, empowering them to communicate more efficiently and effectively with others. By taking advantage of this service, you can gain insights and strategies that can help you to communicate more harmoniously and competently with everyone you encounter.

At SHE Is A Verb, we are proud to pay tribute to the exceptional accomplishments of women from all walks of life, by using the #VERB hashtag to showcase their contributions. This serves as a powerful tool to both recognize, celebrate, and share the remarkable achievements of ordinary women doing extraordinary things, while also expressing our deep gratitude and admiration for their inspiring work.

SHE Is A Verb has emerged as a powerful new force in the world of outstanding achievement, every bit as impactful as the most renowned brands. Yet, this movement is accessible to all, just by taking active steps you can tap into your most valuable resource for success. This empowering message reminds us that every individual has the capacity to take charge of their life, whether career or otherwise, and unleash their full potential to create a lasting impact.

The next time your friend or loved ones experience a moment of triumph, remember to acknowledge their greatness. Let them know that SHE Is A Verb, and inspire them to keep taking action towards their goals to achieve greatness.

LaDonna Yates, Founder and Creative Director

SHE is a Verb, LLC


Join the SHE Is A Verb movement @SHEIsAVerb on most social media platforms and become a #VERB. Also join our Facebook Group The SHE Challenge.

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