SHE Is A VERB is an inspiring message with a singular focus on the #VERB – the primary fundamental that feeds all others. #VERB is an action that is needed to achieve success, grow in faith and maintain a healthy mind and body.

As an individual, you can embrace the #VERB concept in everything you do from work to play. It will challenge you, it will help you identify your superpower and most of all it will increase your value.

SHE Is A Verb recognize the extraordinary achievements of ordinary females and highlight their contributions with a #VERB as a way say “You Go, Girl!”, “I’m so Proud of You” or “Well Done!” SHE Is A Verb can become the new rivalry for an impressive accomplishment. It is as powerful as some of the world’s most successful brands but one you can implement with your most valuable asset…ACTION.

Next time you give a female recognition for outstanding achievement – tell her, SHE Is A Verb.

LaDonna Yates, Founder

SHE is a Verb, LLC


Join the SHE Is A Verb movement and become a #VERB.

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