SHE Is A VERB is centered on the importance of taking action (#VERB) to achieve success, maintain a healthy mind and body, and grow in faith. This inspiring message encourages individuals to embrace the concept of #VERB in all aspects of life, from work to play. By doing so, they will be challenged to showcase their strengths and increase their overall value.

As a team, SHE Is A Verb recognizes and celebrates the remarkable achievements of ordinary females by highlighting their contributions with a #VERB. It serves as a way to express appreciation and admiration such as “You Are Awesome!”, “I’m so Proud of You”, or “Well Done!”

SHE Is A Verb has become a new standard for outstanding achievements, and it’s just as influential as world-famous brands. However, this movement is something everyone can implement. By taking action, you can unleash your most valuable asset for success.

The next time your loved ones experience a moment of triumph, remember to acknowledge their greatness. Let them know that SHE Is A Verb, and inspire them to keep taking action towards their goals to achieve even more success

LaDonna Yates, Founder

SHE is a Verb, LLC


Join the SHE Is A Verb movement and become a #VERB.

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