Right or Wrong, Make a Decision

Are The Odds Against Spontaneous Decision Making?

“Stay committed to your decision, but stay flexible in your approach.” -Tony Robbins

Are you the person when faced with decisions, you must research and find all the facts? There are people who overthink the possible outcome and miss out on a great opportunity. Although fact finding is a key component in decision making, sometimes time constraints can force you to choose impromptu. Then, it’s right or wrong, adjust and learn to live with the decision.

However, you don’t want people to view you as someone who always make reckless decisions. You’ll lose credibility and people won’t take you serious. But, you must prepare yourself for certain times where being decisive is necessary. For instance, I was registering for continuing education classes at one of the local universities and discover that the certification program I was hoping to participate in would not be available until later in the year. A similar choice was starting immediately at another University. I was unsure of how it would fit into my overall plan. Should I or should I not enroll in the alternative program?

You may decide to wait on the certification. If time is on your side, you can always rework your plan so that waiting fits your schedule. Talk to your academic advisor or mentor and ask how to proceed after staying the course. Alternatively, you could always drop the classes if they don’t align with your professional plans.

The point is, if a decision doesn’t work out trust that it can be fixed. Don’t be afraid to dive in. Remember the Nike slogan that has worked for them for decades, “Just Do It!”

A structured living doesn’t fit well for some people. They need the adrenaline rush that comes with making spontaneous decisions. Who’s to say that their way is wrong? It may not work for some, but for them, it works quite well. You may know people who are like this and are envious of them. I know I do.

That isn’t the same scenario as people who don’t do much with their lives. Spontaneous decision makers are task oriented and often involved in numerous projects. Of course, you personally can always decide to do nothing. The odds are that you won’t get very far in life. Unless you are lucky enough to come from money and your parents are willing to give it to you, odds are that you will need to make a decision to do something.

Everyone will be faced with decisions they make based on information and spontaneity. Note that the process of decision making becomes easier the more you do it.

“Be decisive, right or wrong, make a decision. The road is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision.”