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Founder and Content Manager for SHE is a VERB, LLC and Certified Consultant for The Maxwell Method of DISC. The VERB is an inspiring opportunity to focus on ACTIONs that promote change within ourselves and our surroundings. VERB is the primary formation that balance the mind, body and soul of SHE. Without the VERB, the SHE concept may have remained just a day dream. SHE Is A Verb's practicing model encourage us to Value ourselves and others. Collectively we challenge ourselves and are committed to the overall personal growth and success of each member of the community. Our purpose and commitment is to live each day with a benevolent heart, show acts of kindness and be servants to those less fortunate. Individually, we are here to empower, encourage and inspire in all we do. And when one obtain greatness it will inspire us all. We will edify her for following her dream. SHE Is A Verb is not about one individual. It's about the #VERB community.