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I am the CEO & Founder of SHE is a VERB LLC. The #VERB is an inspiring message with a singular focus on ACTION to promote change. #VERB is the primary fundamental that feeds the mind, body and soul of SHE. Without the #VERB, the SHE concept may have remained just a day dream. Our practicing model #VERB encourage us to find Value in ourselves and others. It's why we are committed to continued Education for personal growth. As a tribe, the Resilience of the #VERB keeps us motivated. And we have found purpose in our commitment to live each day with a Benevolent heart, acts of kindness. and servants to those less fortunate. Individually we embrace the “SHE” concept in all you do. And when one succeed we edify and salute her as the dynamic "VERB" who followed her dream. SHE Is A Verb is not about me. It's about the #VERB.

Shut It Down for Better Sleep

After being a single Mom for over 10 years, it was difficult for me to adjust to being home alone. Every unfamiliar noise had me jumping out my skin.  I could not bare it, so I started watching late night TV to blur out the creepy sounds. I went from lack of sleep to late night binge watching coupled with late night snacks. What’s a good movie without popcorn or sweets? Don’t judge…

The next day I would be sluggish and unable to focus. Remembering my co-workers names and spelling of simple words became a challenge. This had to STOP!

The following week, while sitting in the waiting room to see my doctor to confirm my issue was not a health risk, I came across an article on sleep deprivation. There it was in Black and White: The glow from electronics work against quality shuteye. The small amounts of light from these devices pass through the retina into a part of the hypothalamus (the area of the brain that controls several sleep activities) and delay the release of the sleep-inducing hormone. As you stay up later on a consistent basis, you readjust your sleep cycle, and now, your body physically can’t fall asleep until that new, set time. Here it was, my new television habit was wreaking havoc on my sleep cycle and the only solution was to Shut It down. 

The results from shutting down all my electronics at least an hour before bedtime was rewarding. I created a bedtime ritual that included affirmation, a warm shower and a cup of bedtime tea. If you want to be sleep by 10PM, then plan to shut down your electronics by 8PM each evening. This can be difficult for some people because those are prime TV watching hours. However, you can always record your favorite shows or watch them when time permits by using online streaming sites. Trust me, I learned the hard way that my sleep cycle is more important than watching television and/or posting on social media.

Keep in mind that not only will shutting down your electronics help you to sleep better, it will also give your body the rest it needs to rejuvenate. Plus, the following day when you awaken, you’re going to feel more focused and energized. You may even remember your co-workers’ names (or not).

If you want to improve your life in a big way, this is one thing that will make a huge difference. Besides, if you’re not up late at night then you won’t late night binge. Which means you’re not adding on unwanted weight. TIFY for at least 14 days to see how great you’ll feel. It’s a Game Changer.