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How to Bring Out the best Aspects of Our Personality

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.” –Carol Burnett

When it comes to our personality, we might think the style we use for communicating cannot be changed. We tell ourselves and others, “that’s just the way I am.”  However, one school of thought supports the idea that some personality traits can be changed with practice.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Here are 6 strategies to bring out our best personality:

  1. Realize that life experiences contribute to our personality. Interestingly, as we experience life our personality adapts to the environmental changes. These experiences change us and help us to grow and adjust daily. If you want “to grow yourself, you must first know yourself,” per author John Maxwell. Take a personality assessment and learn your love language.
  2. Recognize the positive effects of maturing. As we age, the sharp edges of our youthful personality tend to smooth out and we learn to tame our tough. We become an improved version of ourselves. Capable of connecting with people outside our acceptance zone.
  • Work on being more agreeable to build stronger connections. Being agreeable includes considering the needs of others. Make every experience special and memorable. Rather than focusing on yourself, ask interesting questions to determine an individual desire. As we become more agreeable, our relationships will prosper.
  • Be a better parent, focus on connecting by accepting your child’s personality
  • Because kids do things differently than adults, knowing where they are developmentally will be of tremendous help to you as a parent. Spend quality time with your child and keep an open dialog. Avoid complaining, criticizing and comparing your child. Instead use words of encouragement, inspiration and empowerment when speaking to your child. 
  • If your nine-year-old failed to make her bed perfectly. Give her recognition for the effort and coordination it took for her to make it as well as she did. Your twelve-year-old took the clothes out of the dryer but didn’t fold or put the clothes away. First, thank him and then use words that will inspire him to finish the task. 
  • It’s important to train ourselves to be more accepting and less demanding. We should create an environment of love and respect for our child. Value their opinion. Your child will thank you for it when they become adults. Plus, when you’re less demanding, your children will please you more often.
  • Set specific personal goals in the areas where you wish to grow. The more focused and conscientious you are about changing, the more you’ll change. Use sticky notes and journaling for reminders. Reward yourself for progress. Keep your desired changes in the forefront of your mind. Think about them each day and practice them.
  • Be your own cheerleader. Take note of when you’re accepting and considerate of others and how it made you feel. The golden rule is to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Yes, you will have to be intentional in your effort to bring out the best aspects of your personality, but it can be done with daily practice. And the pleasure will be all yours. Enjoy the progress to discovering the Best Version of Yourself!